Arriving at my New Home

Chase is drinking water

Finally, at 5:00 PM, we arrive at home. This is my new home and is the first time I step on the floor of this house. It is very hectic that dad, mom, and brothers are tiding their things after having a trip from Oregon. I think they want to store their luggage.

The first thing they do is, of course, they take me to the backyard and urge me to take a pee. I am taking my pee, but I do not take out my solid waste from my body. You know what I mean. 💩

They feed me with dog food. As I know, my dog food is Taste of the Wild. It is the same brand and type, which my breeder gave me previously.

As they are busy unpacking their luggage, suddenly, BOOM...... I intentionally waste my poop on the carpet in their living room. Phew... luckily, my masters are not angry with me, but they reprimand me not to poop in the house.

Soon, I drink water in my bowl. Oh, the bowl is so high for me. I put my paw in the bowl. I guess it is okay to do it because it is fun for me. Turnout, for people, it is for drinking, not for playing with my paw. I think this is my first lesson.

See you, pals! I am tired. Dad wants to bath me. Do you want to know the rest of my story? Stay tuned!

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