Chase Comes Out to the World

chase is sleeping


Today I come out from my mother's womb. I am born as a puppy, a puppy boy! I am the first to come out, so I become the firstborn of the litters. I have six brothers and sisters. All have different colors of coat, which are yellow, black, and brown. I am included two of the yellow ones. It is because my mother is brown, and my father has a black coat.

My Breed

Oops, I forget to mention my breed. I am a purebred of Labrador Retriever. Yes, my breed is one of the most popular breeds in the world, especially in the United States.

Ooh, I am so tired and confused. The world is so strange and noisy for me. I am having difficulty adjusting my sight. It is too shiny and bright for my eyes. I want to go to sleep now.

Labrador introduction

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