Meeting with My Masters for the First Time

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As I know, if I am not making a mistake, my breeder, Julie, lists my siblings and me on AKC. We are on sale! Usually, breeders sell their Labrador puppies for around $3,000 to $4,000. Yet, I do not know my breeder wants to sell us only for $1,000. Because of this reason, we are sold easily. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are racing to buy puppies as their pets because they are so bored and have nothing to do at home. They want to play with their pets as compensation for their boredom. No wonder the price of puppies is considered high. Therefore, my siblings and I were straightforwardly salable. I was sold to a family with children, I guess. As far as I can tell, they are the Huangs. 

My breeder soon gives my brother and sisters to the buyers, and I never see them again. I guess my siblings were brought to their new home. At that time, we are seven weeks old.
On November 14, 2020, Julie carries me on her shoulder. Turnout, at that time, for the first time, I meet my future family to become my new masters. I am so shy and timid in meeting them. My heart is pounding fast.

Meet my New Master

meet my masters for first time

Uh-oh, they take me to their car. It is my first time taking a ride in a car. Vroom... Vroom... Dad starts his engine and ready to take me home. I heard that they live in California. At this time, I was born in Oregon. California and Oregon are two different states in the United States, and both are neighboring. Their distances are 411 miles apart. Oh yes, I forget to mention the exact cities between them. Silicon Valley is their city, and Eagle Point is my original city.

It should be my first and long journey. Along the trip, I spend time mostly sleeping. I think sleeping is my best activity as a puppy. 
So long, folks, I will go to sleep again......  

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